What Is Darjeeling Tea? Its Benefits and Wholesale Price.

What Is Darjeeling Tea? Its Benefits and Wholesale Price.
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What Is Darjeeling Tea? Its Benefits and Wholesale Price. Lets learn about it in the post. A well-known tea variety that is shipped all over the world, which is called Darjeeling Tea. It grows in West Bengal, India’s Darjeeling district. Darjeeling tea is special because it can be made into black, green, white, or oolong tea by processing the leaves in various ways. Locate Byahut Tea Company on Google, Indiamart, JustDial, Facebook & Instagram. We are the best Dooars, Darjeeling & Assam CTC Loose Tea wholesaler, Supplier, Dealer, Distributor, Stockist, Packager and Manufacturer in Siliguri. Contact us for Tea Dealership. Byahut Tea Company is Assam CTC Loose Tea Wholesaler in Siliguri.

Fast Facts

  • Origin: Darjeeling District, West Bengal, India
  • Alternative Names: the champagne of teas
  • Temperature: 195–205°F
  • Caffeine: about 50 mg of caffeine per 8-fluid-ounce cup; can vary based on flush

What Is Darjeeling Tea?

The Chinese type of tea plant Camellia sinensis is used to produce Darjeeling tea. It has a thin, pale tint and a floral scent. Like most plants, the tea plant experiences stages of development and dormancy. The tea plant produces new leaves during a time known as a flush, which lasts until the leaves are harvested. There are three main flushes in Darjeeling tea. The first flush happens between mid-March and mid-May, the second flush is between mid-June and mid-August, and the third flush, sometimes referred to as the autumn flush, takes place between October and November.

Additionally, there are two small flushes. Between the first and second flushes, there are two weeks of the intermediate flush. The rains/monsoon flush occurs in September between the second and third flushes.

The times are not defined since they depend on the weather in Darjeeling as well as the precise location of the estate because everything is based on weather patterns. A second flush can be delayed while the length of the rain flush is extended by a few weeks if excessive rainfall occurs earlier than predicted.

The several flushes will produce varying flavours, colours, and aromas. Flavonols in the tea leaves interact with oxygen in the air when the tea ferments. The three types of tea—black, oolong, and green—are distinguished by this method. Oolongs are semi-fermented, Darjeeling green tea is not at all fermented, and Darjeeling black tea has undergone full fermentation.

Uses of Darjeeling Tea

Midmorning or early afternoon are the ideal times to consume Darjeeling tea. It should not be consumed in the late afternoon or evening because it contains some caffeine (and earlier for those with caffeine sensitivities). Do not consume Darjeeling tea on an empty stomach if you have a sensitive stomach.

What Is Darjeeling Tea? Its Benefits and Wholesale Price is a very well discussed topic in Tea Industry.

Drinking Darjeeling Tea.

In a hot teapot, put 1 teaspoon of premium loose-leaf Darjeeling tea. Boiling water is followed by a brief cooling period. After adding water, brew the tea for three minutes. Darjeeling tea is consumed by purists without milk, sugar, or lemon. Add whatever you like.

Caffeine Content in Darjeeling Tea

Depending on how flushed the tea is, Darjeeling tea’s caffeine concentration can change. Per 8 fluid-ounce cups, it may have 50 mg of caffeine. Compared to black Assam tea, this is greater than green tea but lower. In particular, when compared to black tea or coffee, it has a low acidity level.

Caffeine Content
8 oz. Beverage Average Caffeine Content
Green Tea 24 to 40 mg
Darjeeling Tea Around 50 mg
Matcha Tea 25 to 70 mg
Brewed Coffee 85 to 200 mg

Buying and Storing of Darjeeling Leaf from Tea Wholesaler in Siliguri.

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Lets continue understanding about What Is Darjeeling Tea? Its Benefits and Wholesale Price.

Better grocery stores, coffee/tea shops, and online vendors such as Byahut Gold all sell Darjeeling tea, either loose or in tea bags. Darjeeling teas have a strong aroma, however, if left out in the open for a long time, their aroma will fade. The ideal place to keep the tea is in a sealed container in a dark pantry because they are particularly sensitive to moist, humid air, direct sunshine, heat, and strong aromas. It is ideal to drink the tea within two years of the harvest. Byahut Tea Company is the best tea supplier of tea such as CTC Tea, Green Tea, Organic Green Tea and Darjeeling Leaf in Siliguri, West Bengal.

Types of Darjeeling Leaf

  • Darjeeling first flush tea: The initial harvest of tea in the spring following winter dormancy. The tea has a light, transparent colour. The tea leaves have a strong and unmistakable floral smell. First-flush teas are typically more expensive than teas from other flushes due to their freshness and colour.
  • Darjeeling second flush tea: In contrast to first flush teas, it has a robust flavour and a dark, amber colour. Tea leaves can taste delicious and have a violet hue. Many tea connoisseurs compare a second flush’s flavour to that of a muscatel grape. The distinctive flavour is the result of a peculiar climate, topography, and plant species. Due to this distinct flavour, some tea enthusiasts choose the second flush.
  • Darjeeling third flush tea: This flush produces tea that is dark or coppery in colour when it is brewed. Darjeeling leaves in the autumn are larger than those in other seasons. Price-wise, this variety is typically a little less expensive than first- and second-flush teas.
  • In-between flush tea: While sometimes significantly lower in quality, this tea frequently shares traits with the first flush. Byahut Tea Company is again the best tea dealer, tea distributor, and tea supplier which sells tea at wholesale price in Siliguri, West Bengal.
  • Monsoon flush tea: This tea costs less and has more oxidation. It is frequently used to make masala chai. Monsoon flush and inter flush tea is hardly ever exported. This can be purchased directly from us, we are reputed and are among the best tea company in Siliguri. Locate Byahut Tea Company on Google, Indiamart, JustDial, Facebook & Instagram. We are the best Dooars, Darjeeling & Assam CTC Loose Tea wholesaler, Supplier, Dealer, Distributor, Stockist, Packager and Manufacturer in Siliguri. Contact us for Tea Dealership.

Remember that Darjeeling tea is graded using a system in addition to flushes. The size and quality of the tea leaves determine the grade of the tea. Whole tea leaves, broken leaves, fannings, and dust are the four types of tea leaves that are graded. The best leaves are whole, while the worst are dust. Tea dust is simply the waste product left over from the tea leaves, while fannings are tiny leaf particles utilised in tea bags.

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