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Green Tea Nutrition Facts

Every Leaf of Byahut Gold Green Tea is Organic and Natural

What Does Green Tea Taste like?

If your regular cup of green tea tastes bitter, it was most..

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Special Equipment to Brew?

Green tea can be made with nothing more than..

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Is Green Tea Green in Color?

Although some green teas, such as Japanese sencha..

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Leave Green Tea in Teapot?

This relates to our earlier argument about bitterness..

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Our range includes

Pure Green Tea | Organic Green Tea | Darjeeling Leaf

Also available with blends such as Ginger | Cardamom | Black Pepper | Tulsi | Cloves.

How to Make The Best Green Tea brand?

Hot Water and Green Tea

Pour boiling hot water into teapot and after 30 seconds, pour out the water.
Now in the warmed up teapot, put 1/2 teaspoon of Byahut Gold Green Tea (2gm) and pour 180 ml of hot water at around 85-90°C over the leaves.

Stop the Bitterness when you buy green tea.

Hot Water and Green Tea

Now place a lid on the teapot and cover the teapot with a tea cozy to keep it warm. Let the tea leaves steep for 2 minutes. Simply pour out the brewed liquor inside the teapot into tea cup using a strainer to keep the tea leaves out of the tea cup.

Sourcing produce through organic farms

From procuring 100% genuine products
to Safe & Hygienic packaging.

Select from our best green tea brand, Organic Green Tea &
Organic Darjeeling Leaf and choose your Weight and Blends.

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Trust the Blends of Tea made with experiences, since 1980.

We are among the Trusted Tea Dealer, Tea Supplier, Tea Distributor and Loose CTC Tea Wholesaler in Siliguri for decades.
We are dealing in Loose Tea of any factory / garden and Pouches and Jars under our registered Brand Name: Byahut Gold.

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We provide you handsome money as your staff expenses in our Tea dealership business.

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We provide you scheme expenses as Tea Wholesalers, in order to increase your sales ahead.

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We have Dealer & Retailer Channel only in Byahut Tea Company to provide maximum profit margin.

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Apart from above discounts, avail quantity purchase discounts as you become our CTC Tea wholesaler.

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    Get answers to common questions about Green Tea

    Why do Organic Green Tea cost more?

    Organic crops are difficult to develop, but because they need a lot of attention and time. Furthermore, lower yields of such crops, as well as a shaky supply (still developing) chain and driving up production costs.

    Why should we buy Organic Green Tea?

    People with allergies to foods, chemicals, or preservatives can notice that their symptoms diminish or disappear when they drink only organic green tea. Pesticides are less prevalent in organic produce. and this boost our brain function, fat loss and it is also protective against cancer.

    Do organic foods taste better?

    Notably, a plant’s taste improves as it grows organically and without pesticides. Higher antioxidant levels influence food’s organoleptic qualities—taste, scent, and mouthfeel—and how the human senses perceive a food’s specific flavour, according to studies cited in the BJN article.

    How popular is Organic Green Tea?

    Organic Green Tea is becoming more common as consumers place a greater emphasis on health and wellness. Hence making it very popular in every age of consumers. but it helps boost immunity.

    What is the history of Organic Green Tea?

    Organic green tea is becoming increasingly common as a result of its various health benefits. The tea comes from China and is the most representative of the country’s best teas. It was first recognized outside of China in the year 1900, and it soon gained worldwide popularity.

    How can I buy Organic Green Tea Online?

    One can easily choose from wide range of Organic Green Tea (Plain / with Add Ons) and order them here on

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    What Is The Greatest Chai Tea?

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    Do not just like the style of Inexperienced tea? The following tips will make it tastier and more healthy

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